On my internship at BlewScreen in 2019, I have worked on the game: WOONopoly. This is a Monopoly type of game about renting houses. Your goal is to have the best living conditions.

This game was made in Unity. When I joined the team, the game was already 60% finished. Most of my tasks were about fixing bugs and getting the systems to work. The biggest feature that I have made is the custom character creator.

Gif of custom character maker.

I needed to work a lot with Unity, its UI system, for this game. That was something I used to have difficulties with at the time. Luckily, this game helped me a lot with understanding the UI system of Unity and how I can use it more efficiently. Think about writing functions that can be called by the UI instead of your own code.

GIF of the tutorial.

My most measurable experience that I have experienced while making this game was how it was like to take over someone else their code that also don't work there any more. It was quite a hard task, but this project has helped me a lot on understanding someone else their mindset/coding style. I also learned easier ways to navigate through visual studios. It is sad that my internship was 10 weeks, I had a great time here, and I have learned a lot!

Gif of the gameplay of WOONopoly.